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Services Offered

First Ventures Capital Advisory services enable our clients and their founding / controlling families - to develop viable exit strategies, generate liquidity, acquire growth capital, plan for succession, professionalize management, divest assets, obtain fairness opinions and achieve other financial and strategic goals. We provide advisory services for both sell-side and buy-side clients.


Representing Sellers & Securities Issuers

We perform an in-depth analysis of each client's business to gain a thorough, perceptive view of its operating performance, intrinsic value and future potential. We then identify and qualify the most suitable strategic and financial investors and buyers, prepare and implement a sophisticated campaign to market the client's businesses to these buyers, and finally represent and support the client during transaction negotiations.

Representing Buyers, Investors & Lenders

We also work closely with private equity groups and public corporations (both in the Philippines and regionally across Asia) who are looking to acquire or make strategic investments in mid-sized companies. Many of these acquisition candidates are closely held and thus difficult to identify and objectively analyze; however, we maintain extensive networks of industry relationships and exploit information resources that enable us to identify those companies best able to meet the buyers' specific criteria.

Business Meeting
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Senior-level Involvement

Senior-level dealmakers with years of banking and industry expertise are involved in every transaction and work closely with clients to help them achieve their specific financial objectives, representing clients' interests from initiation of negotiations through structuring of transactions, due diligence and closing

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